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Mission and Vision Statement

Vision/Mission Statements

Vision/Aspiration Statement


The vision of Clayton County Public Schools is to prepare ALL graduates to have the skills to pursue and accomplish college, post-secondary training, and/or career opportunities in order to live and complete successfully in a global society. 



Mission Statement




The mission of Clayton County Public Schools is to empower scholars to achieve academic, professional, and personal goals by providing equitable access and experiences that build skills in literacy, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.


Core Belief Statements



We believe children have the first priority and right to all fiscal and human resources.

We believe educational practices should be equitable and multicultural with the understanding that education is the shared responsibility of the scholar, the parent/guardian, the school, and the community.


We believe communication and understanding among all stakeholders of our diverse community are essential to achieving the goals of education.


We believe that learning is a continuous process and most productive when the needs of each child